Abuja To Host First International Family Pageant  

A World United Nations Beauty Queen, Hadassah Ibinyingi Allaputa has said that arrangement has been concluded to host the first Family Beauty Pageant in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), which would create employment for residents of the territory if selected.

Allaputams who made this known during a press briefing on the launching of the International Family Pageant in Abuja said registration for the pageant would commence in December, and online training for participants would commence immediately

She explained that they have created an academy for beauty queens and want to train them in leadership positions and on how they can use their beauty to establish community development projects because they believe that their beauty can save the world.

“So, we want to add more value to the system, apart from reigning as a beauty queen for one year. For us, being a beauty queen is a profession and there are responsibilities that we have created once you emerge as a beauty queen, everybody will expect you to deliver that responsibility.

“It is very important that people begin to see the difference in what we are doing. Not the pet projects that people normally expect and sometimes do not come out. We want to do something that is more sustainable.

“Even if they do not win, by the time they are done with our training and retraining because we have recreated 11 courses online, where all participants will have to take this training until they are certified before they participate in the pageant,” she said.

She further said that they are giving them orientation that being a beauty queen could be a profession and it is something they can be successful in it, saying that it is not a part-time job or a hobby.

“To me, Beauty queens are role models and they represent an embodiment of everything good and positive in their country, in other words, they become real ambassadors. So Pageantry should therefore go beyond gathering together some beautiful ladies to judge them by their physical attributes.

“Hence, the decision to redefine pageantry in the direction of promoting great family values that are sensitive to moral, cultural, and religious standards required to create the necessary impact for personal and societal development.

“Our new approach to pageantry is borne out of passion, research, and years of active engagement in beauty pageants both as a participant, judge, and organizer of the family-friendly pageants, with a desire to inject more rectitude and provide direction for more stable individuals and ultimately positively impacting the society as a beauty royalty,” she said.


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